Fungicidal Inhibition of Growth and Spore Germination of Rhizopus Stolonifera and Fusarium oxysporum Isolated from Rotten Irish Potato Tubers

Authors: Ismaila, A., Umar, A.O.

In this study the effects of four chemicals fungicides on the growth and spore germination of Rhzopus stolonifer and Fusarium oxysporum were studied. The chemical fungicides used include carbendazim, hexconazole, benomyl and mancozeb. On the growth of the two fungal isolates hexaconazole showed the best inhibitory effects on growth of the two pathogenic fungi followed by carbendazim and least inhibition in growth was recorded in mancozeb. The results of spore germination indicated that hexaconazole yielded the highest percentage spore germination inhibition of R. stolonifer followed by benomyl and the lowest percentage spore germination inhibition was observed in mancozeb. The highest percentage spore germination inhibition of F. oxysporum was recorded in hexaconazole followed by carbendazim and the least was noticed in mancozeb. Inhibition in growth and spore germination increased with corresponding increase in concentrations of the fungicides. Therefore, it would be recommend that hexaconazole, carbendazim and benomyl should be used for control of Tubers rots of Irish Potato.

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