Call for Paper

Published 3 years ago on Sep 07, 2021


Call for Papper. Volume 3 Number 2

During online Submission, ensure that all Co-Authors details are added

Submissions are to be accompanied with the Manuscript Submission Fee. Manuscript Submission fee is a non-refundable fee in case the manuscript is not accepted for publication. Meanwhile, Publication fee will only be made after the manuscript has been accepted for publication.

Manuscript Submission Fee (Non-Refundable)

Five Thousand Naira (₦5,000.00) only

Publication Fee (After manuscript is accepted)

Ten Thousand Naira ((₦10,000.00) only

Hard Copy after Publication: On request

All paymens should be made online or into the account of the Journal, detailed below:

Account Name: LOJAS
Account Number: 2096067251
Bank Name: UBA Plc.
Account Type: CURRENT

Evidence of payment should be emailed to lojaspapersubmit@gmail.com

For inquiries, please contact:
Dr. Ayodele O. S
Department of Computer Science,
Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria.

Guide to Authors

Editorial Policy

Our Policy are as follows

  • Manuscript submitted to this Journal must neither be published nor submitted for publication elsewhere either in part or whole.
  • The authors agree that the copyright of their article is totally transferred to the Editorial Board of this Journal once the article is accepted.
  • Article(s) submitted will be peer-reviewed before accepted for publication.
  • No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted electronically or in any form without the permission and consent in writing from the copyright holder.
  • The Editorial office shall make every effort to ensure that no misleading information or statement appears in this Journal. It is however, the sole responsibility of the author for all data and information provided with regards to accuracy. The Editorial Board and its agents shall accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the consequences of any misleading data and/or information provided by the authors which shall be published.

Manuscripts preparation
Text: Microsoft Word
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12
No Columns

Main Headings and Manuscript Presentation

Manuscripts should be prepared under the following headings without numbering:

  • Article Title
  • Authors and their full addresses
  • Abstract (250 words maximum)
  • Keywords
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgement (If Any)
  • References


This should be concise and explain the nature of the paper. If the paper was given, wholly or in part, at a scientific meeting, this should be stated in a footnote

Authors' names

These should include with one surname followed by initials of authors and the address where the work was carried out. The name, address, and email address of the corresponding author should be indicated clearly. Authors should not be more than three (3).


Abstract of 250 words (maximum) should be provided abridging, concise introduction, methods used, results, significance of results and conclusion of the study.


This should state the problem investigated, the aim of the work and previous relevant work with appropriate references, and must indicate clearly the advance in knowledge or contribution to knowledge.

Materials and Method

Clear and sufficient detail to permit the work to be repeated by others, if desired. Only new techniques need be described in detail; known methods must have adequate references.


These should be presented concisely, with tables or illustrations for clarity.


Good quality and clearly readable figures will only be accepted. Graphs should be drawn in CorelDraw or Microsoft Excel. A resolution of 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) or higher, for good quality Picture printing.


The American Psychology Association (APA) system (6th edition) of referencing should be used.

Copyright and Permissions

By submitting a manuscript to the editor or publisher it is regarded that you have given permission to publish the manuscript and distribute it electronically or in any other form to different databases and abstracting services including libraries, polytechnics, universities and anywhere else.

Submission format

  • All manuscripts must be submitted in A4 format, single column, using double spacing and leaving adequate margins. Each page should be numbered individually. Text lines should be numbered, with the numbers restarting on each page.
  • Tabular material must be clearly set out with the number of columns in each table kept to a minimum. Tables must have concise headings that enable them to be comprehensible without reference to the main text. Please ensure that the data in columns are consistent in the number of significant figures.
  • Number illustrations with Arabic numerals consecutively, in order of appearance in the text. Keep lettering on illustrations to a minimum and include essential details in the legend. Illustrations should be submitted in black and white, with no background color. Figures should be placed on separate sheets after the main body of the text.
  • Save each figure as a separate file and include the source file (i.e. a file in the program in which the image was originally created). The figures should be of high resolution (300 dpi minimum for photos, 800 dpi minimum for graphs, drawings, etc., at the size the figure will be printed). Numbers and symbols incorporated in the figure must be large enough to be legible after reduction in figure size.
  • Appropriate file types include Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) and Microsoft Word (doc) files
  • Symbols, formulae and equations must be written with great care. The symbols recommended in the various parts of the British Standard 1991 should be used. SI units should be used; these are described in, for example, the British Standards Publication PD 5686, The Use of SI Units.