Covid 19-Pandemic and Academic library of Kogi State Polytechnic

Authors: Michael Kolade Adebisi (CLN) , Femi Simon Ehoniyotan (CLN)

The Academic Libraries are the nerve centre of academic excellent and indispensable instrument for intellectual development; they are established for the purpose of teaching, learning and research. In recent time the services of academic library and the use of academic library of Kogi State Polytechnic were assumed to have slowed down by covid – 19 pandemic. Predictably, the situation must have affected academic responsibilities of Kogi State Polytechnic. It is on this note that this paper wants to assess the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on Kogi State Polytechnic academic library, describing the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak as it affects the operations and the use of the library by the users during the period. Documentary method and reviewing of relevant literatures were used to ascertain facts. Findings revealed possible evidence of ongoing increasing transmission of COVID-19 infections, the fears of contacting the diseases by the librarians without adequate provision of preventive and palliatives measures negate the operations and services of the library. The paper recommended that adequate palliatives be provided by the government to enable librarians and the library discharge their duties effectively to the users. Government needs to promptly bring more library workers on board, deploy rapid intelligence professional librarian to scale up the use of mobile library applications in disseminating information to users at their various point of needs. This will result to effective, coordinated service and use of libraries especially in academic libraries to reduce the ongoing outbreak, sustain routine library services and encourage e-library that will continually improve educational and national development

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