Review of tourism planning theories and the roles of architects as an agent of social change

Authors: Isah O. S, Usman A. A, Olorunmotito P. L

The three cardinal goals of setting up tourism site are to achieve are Visitors satisfaction, Economic prosperity, Protection and development of cultural resources. In the process of tourism planning and development, Architects played significant role in creating and enhancing socialization basically through the provision physical infrastructures which has the ability to bring people together in a unique way. More often than not, Architects and other designers tend to focus on providing structures relying solely on the principle of design without recourse to tourism planning theories which is fundamental to achieving overall tourism goals. The application of tourism planning theories in the course of architect’s duties with respect to infrastructural provision is panacea to achieving a holistic tourism experience. Therefore, “Tourism Planning Theories and the roles of Architects as an agent of social change” is an attempt to bring to the fore the central role of tourism planning theories in delivering the ‘Architecture’ mandate of Architects while at the same time enhancing socialization and economic goals of tourism sector. The researcher adopts literature based qualitative research methodology to collect both primary and secondary data. Inferences were drawn from literature reviews, analyzed and discussed. The paper concludes that for effective and efficient architect’s roles in tourism planning and development, the deep knowledge of tourism planning theories is very key. It also recommends that Architects and other key stakeholders in tourism business should be thoroughly informed of the knowledge of tourism planning theories in achieving sustainable and viable tourism setting.

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