Determination of the level of paracetamol in commercially branded paracetamol /analgesic (tablet)

Authors: Adeleye Sanya, Alabi P. B, Ajibodun O. A

The study involves quantitative analysis of ten different brands of paracetamol 500mg tablets, using Ultra violet Spectrophotometry method. The samples were dissolved in 0.1M NaOH and distilled water and their various absorbances were determined at wavelength of 257nm. The results obtained were read off the graph (standard curve) prepared from pure samples of paracetamol. Percentage content for each sample was calculated using absorbance’s gotten from spectrophotometry method, to deduce if it is within the specified limit by official books (90%-105% according to British Pharmacopoeia). The percentage content of the analyzed samples using UV Spectrophotometry method ranges from 84.32%-104.93%, indicating that none of the samples contains less than 80% of the active principle. It was observed that seven samples (NGC, Paingo, Fidson, Bonadol, Suremol, Painkill and M&B) out of the Ten Samples met the Standard limit of the British Phamacopoeia, whereas three samples (Easadol, Josedol and Emzor) were below the standard limit.

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