The issues of electricity in Nigeria and the developing countries cannot be over emphasized since it is a sector if neglected will have negative impact on the developing of the nation as a whole. The quality of power supply to the consumers of electricity is the core of this paper. While "power quality" is a convenient term for many, it is the quality of the voltage—rather than power or electric current—that is actually described by the term. Power outages assumed a very high embarrassing dimension in Nigeria. In Nigeria power outage for several days is common and could happen just anywhere. The paper investigates into the problem of poor quality supply to consumers of electricity in Kabba/Bunu local government area of Kogi State which is affecting the performance of the populace in their commercial, industrial and residential aspects. The paper uses both primary and secondary methods of data collections to detect low quality of power supply to the consumers, less than 5hours of supply of electricity and destruction of equipment of consumers. The paper suggests government should ensure constant supply of electricity to meet up with the bills that the consumers are paying. Moreover alternative solar energy can also be considered and effective body to handle the issue of electricity in country will ensured progress and development of the economy.

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