Authors: Olufemi, J., Surv. Adesina, B., Olonilebi, P.

The realities of global warming are evident around us with things like extreme weather conditions, dirty atmospheric air, flooding in many places, drought, deforestation, acidic ocean, glacial retreat and rising atmospheric temperature serving as proofs to its existence. The situation calls for a conscious effort to fix the environmental menace of catastrophic trend of continuous rising atmospheric temperature occasioned by the presence of greenhouse gases in the air. In the light of this, the various hazardous construction practices adding to the problem of warming planet were reviewed in the context of green theory so as to reverse the negative trend in order to ensure a sustainable development and environmentally responsible behaviours among the various stakeholders in the built industry. The findings from the study include site clearing, procurement of new materials, freight of goods to site, use of non-degradable materials for packaging and exploitation of forest as hazardous construction practices that should be stopped. In conclusion, the paper suggested that all aspects of physical development are to be reviewed if the trend of global warming is to be mitigated against.

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